All in one robotic decorating system

The Deco-Bot is an all in one robotic decorating station that is capable of accurately decorating cakes and cupcakes with that homemade look. Write, draw, drizzle and decorate round or sheet cakes with roses, or finish cupcakes with swirls, rosettes and roses.

Capabilities Checklist

  • Cakes - top and bottom decorative borders
  • Cupcakes - single or dual color decorative topping
  • Cookies - drizzle, draw and color fill drawing
  • Pies - Top decorative bordering and drizzling
  • Cupcakes — 6 or 12 pack @ 20 cycles a min.
  • Writing or drizzling — 6″/sec (15cm/sec)
  • Deposit width — up to 14″ (355mm) in diameter.


 Watch a Quick Deco-Bot Capabilities Video 

 Download the Deco-Bot PDF Sales Sheet