Accurate, Consistent & Easy

remove the dull, repetitive tasks of manual filling and spraying

Robotic Depositing, Filling and Spraying

Versatility, accuracy and consistency are key fundamentals to consider when automating these processes. 
Apex Motion Control has over 20 years of experience helping bakery and food manufacturers reach production, 
consistency and accuracy goals now, and in future expansions and business growth.

Benefits and Features:

   Reduces ingredient waste  .  Increases productivity and consistency  .  Reduces repetitive strain to workers  .  
Increases worker safety and morale  .  Temperature controlled pumps available


Safely works well with humans and integrates with existing or new production floor equipment.


Standard or custom builds, small foot print, mobile design, end effectors for many applications.

Worker Safety

Removes dangerous, repetative tasks from workers. Repurpose staff to more value added tasks.


Consistently run all day, every day with no downtime and able to adjust to staff shortages.

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