White Papers – Robotics and Automation

  1. What is a Cobot – What are they and why you need them?

    Baker-Bot with Soft-Gripper

    You’ve most likely seen some buzz around cobots at some point. After all, they’re starting to gain more popularity in the world of food production. However, you may still be confused on what a cobot is. Don’t worry though, we’ve got you covered. We’re going give a quick description of what a cobot does, and we’ll describe some of their benefits too! — READ MORE

  2. Three Reasons to Invest in Cobots over Industrial Robots?

    When building an automation strategy, one key decision is choosing between using an industrial robot or using a cobot. In fact, you may still be wondering this very question: why would someone choose cobots over standard industrial robots? — READ MORE

  3. What Makes a Cobot Safe to Use Among Humans?

    Collaborative robots are becoming increasingly popular in the food industry. After all, they’re cost-effective, efficient, and safe to work around people! Here’s a quick guide on some of the safety features of cobots. — READ MORE