How Does Agropur Help Protect the Environment with Robotic Palletizing?

Learn how Agropur was able to reduce Costco’s carbon footprint through their innovative tray design and Apex Motion Control’s automated systems.  Costco’s Goal to Protect the Environment Together with Agropur Agropur is a dairy cooperative with numerous distribution centers and offices across Canada and the United States. They are one of the largest dairy processors [...]

Packaging Automation – Reducing Labor Costs and Improving Safety

Canadian nutrition company automates their packaging process while reducing labor costs, and making their plant safer for employees. The Common Struggle of Labor Costs It’s no mystery that labor costs can be a source of financial strain for any business. This was certainly true for a local manufacturer of nutritional products, who wanted to find [...]

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Breathe Medical Reaches New Heights with Automation for Mask Manufacturing

Learn how Breathe Medical helps frontline workers across the country with the help of automation. A Mission to Keep Canadians Safe After becoming incorporated on March 9, 2020, Breathe Medical Manufacturing Ltd. began to pursue its goal of producing high quality surgical face masks and heavy-duty N95 particulate respirators. This company operates in a 60,000 [...]

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How Automation Keeps Employees Safe During a Pandemic

Even though physical distancing is one of the most common hurdles businesses face when attempting to stay safe during the coronavirus pandemic, many companies have started the process of setting up automation plans as a way to increase worker safety and stay open for business. Thanks to advances in automation, especially robotics, automation has helped [...]

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How Automation Can Help Prevent Cross-Contamination

Are you still curious about how automation can help prevent cross-contamination? Keep reading to learn about the dangers of insufficient food safety and the features of automation that allow you to keep your product safe. The Consequences of Cross-Contamination It’s no doubt that food safety is a vital component that every food manufacturer needs to [...]

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COVID-19: The Start of a New Industry Environment for Food

COVID-19 has created a wave of change across all industries. From large food and bakery manufacturing corporations to small local bakeries, everyone is facing their own unique set of business challenges. One of the largest changes felt in the food industry was the radical shift in consumer demand. In this time of increased concerns about health, [...]

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Case Study – How Corso’s Cookies became a Heavy Hitter with Automation

Discover how Corso’s Cookies incorporated automation to create a new product line while fighting labour shortage struggles. Corso’s Cookies’ Story: How they Reached the Big Leagues Thanks to their passionate team of bakers, decorators, and packagers who are all dedicated to producing top quality cookies, Corso’s Cookies is America’s Favorite Decorated Cookie Company. This business [...]

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How COVID-19 Has Changed the Way Consumers Think About Food

Let’s face it: America has a sweet tooth. In times of great distress, consumers are quick to find comfort in delicious snacks and desserts. In fact, these types of products were showing strong growth over the past year, as evident from the 3.3 percent increase in sales last year for the pastry and doughnuts category. [...]

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Case Study with Junior’s Cheesecake

How Junior’s Cheesecake Won the Battle Against Physical Strain and Labour Shortages Discover how Junior’s Cheesecake incorporated automation to improve productivity and reduce ergonomic wear and tear on employees. How it all Started: The Need for New Automation "You haven't really lived until you've had cheesecake at Junior's." That’s the signature phrase of Junior’s Cheesecake, [...]

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