Case Studies and Customer Success Stories

Medical masks

Breathe Medical Reaches New Heights with Automation

In order to protect the numerous amounts of frontline workers that are exposing themselves to the virus, Breathe Medical wanted to reach a production capacity of a whopping 40,000,000 surgical masks per month. — READ MORE


How Corso’s Cookies became a Heavy Hitter with Automation

Thanks to their passionate team of bakers, decorators, and packagers who are all dedicated to producing top quality cookies, Corso’s Cookies is America’s Favorite Decorated Cookie Company. This business started from humble beginnings, as it was originally set up at a small home kitchen in Syracuse, New York. — READ MORE


How Junior’s Cheesecake Won the Battle Against Physical Strain and Labour Shortages

“You haven’t really lived until you’ve had cheesecake at Junior’s.”
That’s the signature phrase of Junior’s Cheesecake, and they have every right to say it. This business started out as a family owned restaurant in Brooklyn, famous for having New York’s best cheesecake. Discover how Junior’s Cheesecake incorporated automation to improve productivity and reduce ergonomic wear and tear on employees. — READ MORE

Noms Bake Shop Berry Shortbread Cookies

How Noms Bake Shop solved their staff shortage problem with robotic cookie decorating.
Berry shortbread cookies sound harmless, but they were causing a big problem for Noms Bake Shop, a family-owned bakery in Arizona, USA. The situation got so dire that staff were frequently calling in sick because of those cookies!

“During busy times, we try to make 10,000 of these cookies in a day,” says Trevor Martin, co-owner of Noms Bake Shop. “If there are 10 people on a shift, that’s a thousand cookies each. Leaning over a table while squeezing a piping bag all day long — READ MORE

Baking company implements new tray stacking system to boost productivity and improve employee safety.
During the past few years, Saginaw started investing in high-performance automation systems and equipment to improve productivity and customer service while lowering the risk of repetitive motion injury for its workers. In one recent project, the company worked with Apex Motion Control and Vital Manufacturing Inc. (both based in Surrey) to develop an automated tray stacker using controls from Omron — READ MORE

David Smart Greenhalgh's

 Greenhalgh’s is a long-established family Craft Bakery which was founded in 1957 and they currently employ approximately 950 staff and is one of the largest employers in the Bolton area. They have a chain of 61 retail shops, along with a wholesale and fleet sector, supplying high quality bakery products to convenience stores, high street retail stores, farm shops and sole proprietorship, through to nationwide providers including major supermarket chains.

Apex Motion Control recently talked with David Smart, Managing Director of Greenhalgh’s about his production challenges and the success that robotics has provided him — READ MORE